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Enviro-Tec Fan Coil Parts

Fan coil units extend the usability of commercial HVAC systems by increasing cooling capacity. They can be used to cool a virtually unlimited number of separate spaces while reducing the strain on outdoor air-handling units. Affiliated Parts is proud to offer replacement motors for Enviro-Tec Fan Coil units to help you repair your customers’ units quickly and effectively.

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Dual-Shaft Enviro-Tec Motors

Dual-shaft motors are becoming increasingly popular as HVAC systems evolve and advance. Dual shaft motors can be used to help control differing amounts of warm and cool air into terminal units.

Find Dual Shaft Enviro-Tec Motors on Affiliated Parts 

Dectron Pool Dehumidification Blower Assemblies

The blower assembly moves dehumidified air out of Dectron units. If it stops working, it can cause major problems for your customers. If you need replacement blower components, we have an assortment of OEM options for your needs.

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Single-Shaft Enviro-Tec Motors

Single-shaft motors are the workhorses of fan coil units, ensuring that air is moved over warm or cool water and spread effectively to individual zones. We offer a number of replacement units for Enviro-Tec systems.

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115-Volt Enviro-Tec Motors

115-volt motors work on the same voltage as residential lighting and other equipment, and they are especially useful when power systems around important fan coil locations are not designed to withstand high voltages.

Find 115 Volt Enviro-Tec Motors on Affiliated Parts

208–230-Volt Enviro-Tec Motors

208-230 volt motors must handle various power systems, from standard 240-volt systems to the 208-volt systems installed in smaller structures. Their versatility makes them useful across wide-ranging applications.

Find 208-230 Volt Enviro-Tec Motors on Affiliated Parts

277-Volt Enviro-Tec Motors

277-volt motors are used in four-wire grounded systems with higher voltages than in older three-wire ungrounded systems. We offer a variety of 277-volt replacements for high-output systems.

Find 277 Volt Enviro-Tec Motors on Affiliated Parts

Your search for OEM replacement parts for commercial HVAC equipment ends at Affiliated Parts. To receive a quote, call or text us at 877-928-2787 or email us at parts@affiliatedparts.com.

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  1. 66-13049-13
    66-13049-13 ZBOM BLDC RPL KIT,VFC06,115,3SP
  2. 66-13049-29
    66-13049-29 ZBOM BLDC RPL KIT,VFE/VFS02,115,3SP
  3. B63-001-2060
    B63-001-2060 7000S ETPH3 HEAT/FAN MODULE
  4. B63-002-2056
  5. B63-003-2061
  6. B74-08-009
    B74-08-009 ASSY,FAN,VH,08
  7. PE-12-1503
    PE-12-1503 CAPACITOR, 7.5 MFD, 370V
  8. PE-19-0070
    PE-19-0070 PCB MOUNT,1/4 LOCKING #3671
  9. PM-02-0010
    PM-02-0010 MTR, 1/12 HP, 277/1/60 DUAL SHAFT
  10. PM-02-0048
    PM-02-0048 MTR,1/4HP,1PH,208/60 ODP
  11. PM-02-0468
    PM-02-0468 MTR,1/2HP,120/240/277V,DS,REM,EON
  12. PM-02-0627
    PM-02-0627 MTR,1/4HP,BLDC,PIKA,277V,DS,NO FUSE
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