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IEC HVAC Motors and Components

IEC HVAC is a leading international environmental manufacturer that produces cabinet heaters and fan coil units for demanding industrial, commercial, and multifamily residents. While they extend the heating and cooling capabilities of buildings, these units are often independent and do not always receive the regular maintenance of other equipment directly connected to ducts. If you have been called in to service or repair one of these units, we recommend using OEM parts.

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Motors are the key component of either system, as they must be able to pull in the inside air and move it over the coil or the heating component. We offer motors for a variety of voltages and horsepower ratings to ensure proper fitment and performance.

Find IEC HVAC Motors on Affiliated Parts 


Actuators are critical components in fan coil unit and cabinet heater systems; they allow a unit to function and provide heat even when it’s located far from the main HVAC system.

Find IEC HVAC Actuators on Affiliated Parts


Heating elements and assemblies must be sized properly and matched to the voltage used for the cabinet heater installation. We carry OEM replacements for a variety of IEC HVAC systems.

Find IEC HVAC Heaters on Affiliated Parts


Thermostats face significant wear and tear because they are placed in high-traffic areas. If you need to replace your non-programmable or programmable IEC HVAC system thermostat, we have you covered.

Find IEC HVAC Thermostats on Affiliated Parts

Motor Blower Assemblies

The motor blower assembly is a crucial component of any fan coil unit: it pulls in air and moves it over the coil or heating assembly so that it can meet the required temperature. If you need a full motor assembly replacement, shop here for a wide range of options.

Find IEC HVAC Motor Blower Assemblies on Affiliated Parts

Your search for OEM replacement parts for commercial HVAC equipment ends at Affiliated Parts. To get a quote, call or text us at 877-928-2787 or email us at parts@affiliatedparts.com.

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  1. ELEC-53-1400
    E037-90026882 WIRE HARN T-STAT 9P 5W
  2. SPR0006
    E020-71540501 MOT ECM 1/7 120V SS 8.7"
  3. SPR0006
    E020-71540502 MOT ECM 1/6 120V DS 8.5"
  4. SPR0006
    E020-70021635 MOT DD PSC 1/8HP 277/1/60
  5. SPR0006
    E020-71540518 MOT ECM 1/6 277V SS BB
  6. E020-71524502
    E020-71524502 MTR DIR DR 1/20 115/1/60 1.2A GE 70556302
  7. SPR0006
    E020-71540516 MOT ECM 1/2 208-240V BB SS
  8. E020-71530303
    E020-71530303 ECM MOTOR 120V 1/7HP
  9. E020-71530301
    E020-71530301 MOT ECM 1/7 120V SS 8.7"
  10. E020-71530318
    E020-71530318 MOT ECM 1/6 277V SS BB
  11. https://affiliatedparts.com/media/catalog/product/e/0/e020-71534801_1.jpg
    E020-71534801 1/15HP, 115V IEC FAN COIL MOTOR
  12. https://affiliatedparts.com/media/catalog/productction
    E020-70556334 1/30HP, 208-230V IEC FAN COIL MOTOR
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