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Lennox HVAC: Commercial Heating and Cooling Solutions

In an industry dominated by a handful of names, Lennox HVAC parts offer some of the most reputable original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement options. Even the best equipment can falter—whether it’s improperly maintained or has simply suffered a rare malfunction. When this happens, you might struggle to find components for your commercial HVAC clients’ systems. Fortunately, Affiliated Parts can help; listed below are some of our most in-demand Lennox HVAC components.

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Circuit Boards

While they are well-protected, circuit boards can be fragile components of Lennox HVAC systems. As a result, they are occasionally prone to failure. If the thermostat is functioning but is unable to communicate with the motors, burners, or other components, a faulty board could be the problem with your customer’s HVAC unit. We have OEM replacements designed for quick and easy installation.

Find Lennox Circuit Boards on Affiliated Parts  


Motors, which represent some of the larger Lennox HVAC parts that we carry, ensure that the blower and venter fans rotate at peak efficiency whenever they receive instructions from the control board. If they have worn down or experienced another issue, you’ll need to find the right replacement component for your customer’s system.

Find Lennox HVAC Motors on Affiliated Parts

Fan Blades

Fan blades can become clogged and lose their effectiveness. If you need to replace your Lennox HVAC unit’s fan blades, we’re here to help with OEM components that match the tight tolerances of the manufacturer.

Find Lennox HVAC Fan Blades on Affiliated Parts

Blower Wheels

Blower wheels help regulate how much air moves into and out of a furnace system. When an HVAC unit is used continuously, particularly in commercial or industrial operations, these wheels are frequently clogged by debris and other contaminants. If your customer is concerned about reduced efficiency, you might need to replace the blower wheel to ensure the system operates properly.

Find Lennox Blower Wheels on Affiliated Parts

Miscellaneous Parts

While we’ve listed some of our most popular Lennox HVAC parts, we know that there are a variety of components you may need to finish repairs for a client. Whether you need igniters, pilot lights, compressor housings, limits, or any other parts, we’re here to help you get the repair done right.

Find Other Lennox Parts on Affiliated Parts

Your search for OEM replacement parts for commercial HVAC equipment ends at Affiliated Parts. To get a quote, call or text us at 877-928-2787 or email us at parts@affiliatedparts.com.

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  1. SPR0006
    Y9557 Lightstick Plus Germicidal UV Light, 24V
  2. SPR0006
    Y9333 HC 650 14X6 Return Grille-Bright White
  3. SPR0006
    Y6050 CY 640-R8 08X06X04 INS REG BOX
  4. SPR0006
    Y9364 14X20 Return Filter Grille -Bright White
  5. SPR0006
    Y9328 421 Series 4X10 Floor Grill-Bright White
  6. SPR0006
    Y9330 421 Series 4X12 Floor Grill-Bright White
  7. SPR0006
    Y9324 421 Series 2X12 Floor Grille-Golden Sand
  8. Y8767
    Y8767 EM 6631TS 1/2 1/3 HP 1050VAR 208-230V BR
  9. Y8731
    Y8731 NT NC2100ES Nest Outdoor Camera
  10. Y5447
    Y5447 H/C HRV3-150-TPD Heat Recovery Ventilatr
  11. Y2143
    Y2143 H/C HRV3-195 Heat Recovery Ventilator
  12. SPR0006
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