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Liebert HVAC Parts for Data Center Cooling and Humidity Control

Data centers are filled with rack upon rack of mission-critical servers, all processing and delivering data throughout the world. Engineers must ensure that both temperature and humidity are maintained at acceptable levels. Considering the heat generated by these computers, that can be a difficult task.

At Affiliated Parts, we are proud to represent Liebert Thermal and Power Systems for data center cooling and humidity control. When you need to ensure maximum uptime, you need to choose durable, innovative systems capable of handling heavy loads of electricity.

Although Liebert’s products are known for their high performance and durability, they do require servicing and occasional repairs. We carry a full line of Liebert HVAC parts for data center cooling and humidity control so that you can make repairs quickly. Below are some of the most popular parts we ship.

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Liebert HVAC motors handle the heavy lifting of humidification and dehumidification systems, powering the evaporator and condensate pump. Trust Affiliated Parts to provide quality OEM replacement parts.

Find Liebert HVAC Motors on Affiliated Parts 

Boards and Controllers

Boards and controllers translate the instructions of a thermostat and humidistat into information for Liebert motors and valves. Ensure you have the right OEM parts so that you can get your customers’ HVAC system back up and running as soon as possible.

Find Liebert Boards and Controllers on Affiliated Parts


Valves allow refrigerant and water for humidifiers to flow, and they undergo a lot of wear and tear over time. These essential parts must be monitored, repaired, and replaced as needed to avoid leakage and other problems.

Find Liebert HVAC Valves on Affiliated Parts


It can be frustrating when something as small as a blown fuse can take a system offline, but we carry a full line of those, along with contacts and transformers to help you solve any issues with your client’s Liebert system.

Find Liebert Electrical Components on Affiliated Parts

Switches and Sensors

Switches and sensors may have been tested in extreme conditions, but sensors especially can face harsh conditions. If you need to replace one in a client system, choose OEM Liebert parts from a trusted supplier.

Find Liebert Switches and Sensors on Affiliated Parts

Other Liebert HVAC Components

We also carry a variety of other parts to make any repair a breeze. From pulleys and sheaves, to coils, to fans and blowers, you can find the OEM replacement parts you need here.

Find Other Liebert HVAC Components on Affiliated Parts

Your search for OEM replacement parts for commercial HVAC equipment ends with Affiliated Parts. To get a quote, call or text us at 877-928-2787 or email us at parts@affiliatedparts.com.

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  1. 148367P7Liebert Heater (5KW/230V)
    148367P7Liebert Heater (5KW/230V)

    Liebert Heater (5KW/230V)

    If out of stock, Lead time is typically 2-3 days
  2. 148366P7

    Liebert Heater (5KW/240V)

    If out of stock, Lead time is typically 2-3 days
  3. P-0190S

    Liebert Discharge Bypass Valve

    If out of stock, Lead time is typically 2-3 days
  4. 123283P1S
    123283P1S CONTACTOR 3PL 65/75 NO/NC AUX
    If out of stock, Lead time is typically 2-3 days
  5. 4C13121G6S

    Liebert Temperature/Humidity Sensor

    In stock
  6. P-2780
    P-2780 VALVE H20 RGLTR 3-WAY
    If out of stock, Lead time is typically 2-3 days
  7. 153210G5S
    In stock
  8. 183604P4S

    Liebert Expansion Valve for 15 Ton (5/8x1-1/8x1/4 ODF)

    If out of stock, Lead time is typically 2-3 weeks
  9. 417341G3S

    Liebert Global Fuse Board

    If out of stock, Lead time is typically 3-5 days
  10. 176250G1S


  11. 181464G7S
  12. 191053P2S
    191053P2S VALVE EXP 1/2X5/8X1/4 ODF 8T
    If out of stock, Lead time is typically 1-2 weeks
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