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Belimo Actuators and Valves

Belimo valves and actuators are the workhorses behind heavy-duty commercial HVAC and piping systems. With a variety of connectivity options and pressure ranges, they can be used to control fuel, fluid, and airflow through any HVAC system. Affiliated Parts is proud to offer a wide variety of parts for use in the most demanding commercial HVAC and plumbing projects.

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Ball Valves

A Belimo ball valve is designed to operate in some of the most arduous conditions, especially in critical shutoff and control applications.

Find Belimo Ball Valves on Affiliated Parts 

Characterized Control Valves

These valves, a proprietary Belimo component, combine the controlled flow of ball valves and the precise temperature control of globe valves.

Find Belimo Characterized Control Valves on Affiliated Parts

Damper Actuator

Damper actuators are key components in complex, multi-zone systems that enable airflow to be directed to the sectors that require it. If they are not functioning, conditioned air will flow through the path of least resistance.

Find Belimo Damper Actuators on Affiliated Parts

Energy Valve

Belimo energy valves are complex systems that monitor and control a variety of systems. They provide data on coil performance with integrated smart-home connectivity and use various sensors and technology to monitor the amount of glycol in an HVAC system to maximize efficiency.

Find Belimo Energy Valves on Affiliated Parts

Electronic Pressure Independent Valves

Pressure-independent valves with magnetic actuators from Belimo are valuable options for use in an internet-connected environment where they can be used for precise flow control regardless of pressure ratings.

Find Belimo Electronic Pressure Independent Valves on Affiliated Parts 

Fire and Smoke Actuators

Fire and smoke actuators are not just key components in ensuring that fires don’t spread with the help of the ductwork of an HVAC system; they must also be tested and kept up to code with the National Fire Prevention Association. Belimo’s reliable actuators are manufactured to meet and exceed these high standards.

Find Belimo Fire & Smoke Actuators on Affiliated Parts

Globe Valves

Globe valves must handle and regulate high pressures of fluid or air passing through systems. A malfunctioning globe valve can severely impact a system’s functions. With regular maintenance, Belimo valves can provide years of peak performance.

Find Belimo Globe Valves on Affiliated Parts

Valve Actuators

Valve actuators enable large-scale HVAC systems to be operated automatically from a central control system. Whether hydraulic, gas, or electrically powered, a failure can mean an entire system struggles to function.

Find Belimo Valve Actuators on Affiliated Parts

Zone Valves

Zone valves are critical for ensuring that hydronic heating systems send only warm fluid to the spaces that need them, helping to improve efficiency. They can be used with a single pump to minimize moving parts.

Find Belimo Zone Valves on Affiliated Parts

Your search for OEM replacement parts for commercial HVAC equipment ends at Affiliated Parts. To get a quote, call or text us at 877-928-2787 or email us at parts@affiliatedparts.com.

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  1. 37361

    Modine natural gas to liquid propane conversion kit 3H33749-2 (FP# 37361)

    Lead time is typically 2-3 days
  2. 32240

    Modine pressure switch 5H0750300003 (FP# 32240)

    Lead time is typically 2-3 days
  3. 5H80683 Modine Gas Valve
    5H80683 Modine Gas Valve 24V 3/4" GAS VALVE (FP# 56147)(5H80683)
    In stock
  4. 64078 Modine Amplifier
    64078 Modine Amplifier MAXITROL A1010U(3H38466)
    Lead time is typically 2-3 days
  5. 56141 Modine Sensor
    56141 Modine Sensor SENSOR(5H74948-1)
    Lead time is typically 2-3 days
  6. 53662 Modine Air pressure switch
    53662 Modine Air pressure switch PRESSURE SWITCH (MOD-53662)(5H79441-10)
  7. 53802 Modine Motor
    53802 Modine Motor MOTOR 115V 1/3HP 1PH 4.2A 1140RPM(9F30222)
    Lead time is typically 2-3 days
  8. 3H33749-11

    Modine natural gas to liquified propane conversion kit 3H0337490011 (FP# 37355)

    In stock
  9. 37394 Modine NG to LP Conversion Kit
    37394 Modine NG to LP Conversion Kit NAT TO LP CONVERSION KIT(3H34670-3)
    On order, call for more info
  10. 5H75038

    Modine power exhauster assembly 5H0750380000 (FP# 32258)

    In stock
  11. 5H72274-1

    Modine PV Blower Wheel BLOWER WHEEL

    Lead time is typically 2-3 days
  12. 5H80690-1 Modine NG Pilot and Ignitor Assembly
    5H80690-1 Modine NG Pilot and Ignitor Assembly


    In stock
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