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Trusted Reznor Heaters Components Distributor

Whether you install or repair commercial HVAC systems, you know that you need OEM parts that you can trust for your client’s needs. They need to be reliable, expertly engineered, and cost-effective.

Affiliated Parts is a trusted vendor of components for commercial HVAC brands you can count on, and that includes our full line of Reznor heaters and rooftop unit replacement parts and retrofit kits.

Whether you are looking to perform routine maintenance, retrofits, fuel changes, or anything else, we have the parts you need to fill your customers’ service requests.

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The pilot assembly ensures Reznor heaters are always ready to go. Many are now spark-lit and come in vertical and horizontal arrangements depending on the design of the unit.

Find Reznor Pilot Kits on Affiliated Parts 


There are a range of switches crucial to the proper operation of your customers’ Reznor heaters, from the limit switches that turn on the blowers to the sail switch that prevents operation until it detects airflow. Affiliated Parts carries a full range of these as well as furnace pressure switches. These critical components help prevent disaster if there are gas leaks or the draft inducer motor is not functioning properly.

Find Reznor Switches on Affiliated Parts


Associated Parts offers a variety of gas valves to meet the needs of various coupling diameters as well as fuel inputs like natural gas and propane. Also available are two-stage valves for both natural gas and liquid propane. The latter is crucial for more efficient furnace systems that use high fire and low fire to regulate fuel flow when full heat is not needed. We also offer fuel conversion kits.

Find Reznor Gas Valve Components on Affiliated Parts

Reznor Heaters Ignition Components and Kits

Whether you’re using standing pilot or spark ignition systems with an electronic control board, Associated Parts provides parts that serve the entire Reznor product line. From control boards and retrofit kits to conversion methods for natural gas to liquid propane, you can quickly replace, repair, or retrofit clients’ Reznor heaters.

Find Reznor Ignition Components on Affiliated Parts

Motors and Blowers

Venters and blowers are critical to moving air in and out of Reznor heaters. Whether you need to replace the motor for a venter, the wheel, or the entire assembly, we carry each component for these systems for each of the heating applications. In addition, we offer OEM replacement fans and blower housings and motors to ensure you can quickly perform necessary maintenance and repairs on a variety of Reznor units.

Find Reznor Motors and Blowers on Affiliated Parts

Burners and Burner Assemblies

From individual burners to full racks and sub-assemblies, make sure that your customers’ Reznor heaters are capable of max output with OEM replacement components from Affiliated Parts. We also offer individual tubes, nozzles for waste oil, and air shutters to ensure you can complete any burner repairs necessary.

Find Reznor Burners and Burner Components on Affiliated Parts

Your search for OEM replacement parts for commercial HVAC equipment ends with Affiliated Parts. To get a quote, call or text us at 877-928-2787 or email us at parts@affiliatedparts.com.

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  1. 214597
    214597 RDH 125-150 venter assbly (less shroud)
  2. 214592
    214592 Venter Assembly, PREEVA 75-100 (115v)
  3. 209410
    209410 RDCA/RDDA 150 - 200 Venter Assembly
  4. 1035
    1035 NUT 5/16 IN. HEX-18 THREAD
  5. 193832
    193832 FAN PROP WS140/175 2042235
  6. 193839
    193839 Fan Guard
  7. 105491
    105491 BELT A37
  8. 259451
    259451 BEARING 1-7/16 CIP B
  9. 14957
  10. 221247
  11. 205882
  12. 185024
    185024 340-4G5 Adaptabel 4" Vibrating Bell
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