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Nationwide AAON HVAC Parts Supplier

If you install HVAC systems in commercial buildings, you probably consider a few factors as you work. At a minimum, you want equipment that’s high-quality and reliable. And, of course, you’d like to make sure the systems you install are built precisely to your specifications, down to the last bolt. Sound like a tall order? Don’t worry! Affiliated Parts sources HVAC components from the best manufacturers, including AAON’s premium equipment. Our wide range of original equipment from other respected manufacturers will help you build and maintain the HVAC system you need.

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Featured AAON Products 

AAON’s designers are committed to giving you the most up-to-date HVAC components possible. As technology advances and customers’ needs evolve, AAON has responded by developing innovative, practical, and low-maintenance products. Affiliated Parts offers a wide range of these premium, customized AAON products, including:  

Condenser Motors

AAON optimizes the benefits of both variable frequency drive (VFD)-driven induction motors and electronically commutated (EC) motors depending on the specific efficiency requirements of a project. 

Variable Frequency Drive-Driven Induction Motors

A VFD-driven induction motor is effective in controlling fan speed and provides benefits including:

  • High efficiencies for larger horsepower motors.
  • Availability in a wide range of sizes with long motor lives.   

Electronically Commutated Motors 

As an improved design of the traditional brushed DC motor, the EC motor offers:

  • Increased reliability with lesser maintenance.
  • Eliminates energy losses with quieter, cooler, and more efficient performance than conventional brushed DC motors.

Find AAON Condenser Motors on Affiliated Parts 


The fans for AAON modular indoor and outdoor air handling units are individually selected to meet external static, efficiency, sound, and space design criteria. The VFD-controlled or ECM-driven supply, exhaust, and return fans consume less power while providing precise airflow control and building pressure control. The featured options include: 

Backward Curved Plenum Fan 

Compared to belt-driven forward-curved fans, backward curved plenum fans are quieter, energy-efficient, offer design flexibility, have high static pressure capabilities, and require less maintenance. 

Variable Speed Fan 

Variable speed fans reduce initial and operating expenses by creating a high-efficiency, economical system.   For AAONon’s condensing units and chillers, the fan options are:

Variable Speed Condenser Fans 

The ECM-driven or VFD-controlled, variable speed condenser fans vary the airflow for head pressure control with lower sound levels and reduce power consumption. When coupled with VFD-controlled variable speed compressors, such condenser fans offer complete capacity modulation and increase part-load efficiency. In chillers, these fans create a wider ambient temperature operating range. 

Find AAON Fan Blades on Affiliated Parts


Choosing a compressor technology can be daunting. HVAC designers have to consider installation cost, energy efficiency, comfort, and how precisely you can adjust its functions. AAON recognizes that each industry has different priorities for their compressor technology and has developed different models accordingly:

On/Off Scroll

AAON’s on/off compressors offer high full-load efficiencies with features such as:

  • Ease of control through thermostats for units with a few compressors.
  • Multiple stages of capacity control for larger capacity systems.  

Two-Stage Scroll

The dual two-stage compressor technology offers staged capacity control and high part-load efficiency to variable speed compressor systems. Key benefits include:

  • Switch between a part load and full load capacity setting depending on changing heating and cooling demands. 
  • Humidity control by running the system for a longer duration, even at part load capacity.   

Digital Scroll

Digital scroll compressor technology is especially important for commercial applications where temperature and humidity control is required. AAON’s digital scroll compressor provides many benefits, including:

  • A wide range of precise modulation capacities.
  • “Oil return” as a result of the full flow of refrigerant during the loaded state.   

Variable Speed Scroll

With the highest part-load efficiency over other compressor technologies, variable speed scroll compressor offers:

  • Precise temperature and humidity control.
  • Quiet operation and minimal maintenance owing to fewer parts.

Digital Scroll and Two-Stage Scroll 

This combined compressor technology utilizes the high part-load efficiency of the two-stage compressor and the temperature and humidity control of the digital scroll compressor. This combination provides: 

  • Precise control over supply air temperature through digital scroll compressor.
  • Overall optimized energy efficiency of the compressor. 

Find AAON Compressors on Affiliated Parts

Inducer Assembly

AAON’s induced draft blower provides both primary and secondary airflow while introducing the air to burner tubes in gas heating systems. The induced draft blower/motor assembly moves the air efficiently in a controlled manner through the blower housing. The airtight seal between the blower housing and burner box with a high-temperature silicone sealant ensures safe operation of the heating system.    

Find AAON Inducers on Affiliated Parts

Affiliated Parts is a nationwide supplier for AAON HVAC parts and takes pride in providing the highest level of customer service with competitive quotes and faster shipment of orders.

Your search for OEM replacement parts for commercial HVAC equipment ends at Affiliated Parts. To get a quote, call or text us at 877-928-2787 or email us at parts@affiliatedparts.com.

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  1. ASM07350
    ASM07350 WHEEL 220 AT-4.93-12-CW-1.13R
  2. ASM07348
    ASM07348 WHEEL 220 AT-4.93-12-CW-1.00
  3. SPR0006
    ASM07334 WHEEL 185 AT-3.00-9-CW-0.50
  4. G114710
    G114710 VFD 10HP 460V-VLT-MICRO DANFOS
  5. SPR0006
    ASM07337 WHEEL 185 AT-6.29-14-CW-1.38
  6. S37306
    S37306 MTR .75/1/115-230/1200 PROGRAM
  7. ASM07317
    ASM07317 WHEEL 150 AT-3.36-12-CW-0.88R
  8. G092080
    G092080 CONTROL SCR 1P 50A 480V MASTER
  9. SPR0006
    ASM07335 WHEEL 185 AT-3.00-9-CW-0.63
  10. SPR0006
    ASM07320 WHEEL 150 AT-5.16-10-CW-1.00
  11. ASM02661


  12. SPR0006
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