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Nortec Commercial Dehumidifier Parts

Commercial dehumidifiers operate in extreme environments to remove excess moisture from the air. Nortec commercial systems, now offered as part of the Condair family, are designed to offer maximum efficiency and longevity wherever they are installed.

Affiliated Parts is a proud supplier of replacement and repair components for three different types of Nortec commercial dehumidifier systems:

  • Condensing dehumidifiers: This efficient component is ideal for larger buildings like schools or office buildings that require a consistent level of humidity.
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers: Flexible and adaptable, this model is designed to operate efficiently across a range of temperatures and climates.
  • Swimming pool dehumidifiers: Ideal for indoor pools and saunas, this powerful model is designed to filter and remove chemicals like chlorine in environments with extremely high humidity levels.

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Nortec Cylinders

Steam cylinders help capture condensed, moisture-rich air and remove it from the system. If you need replacement Nortec commercial cylinders, shop Affiliated Parts for OEM replacements that meet environmental standards and maintain your warranty.

Find Nortec Cylinders on Affiliated Parts 

Nortec Valves

Dehumidifier valves help refrigerant liquid circulate through the system at the proper levels to ensure peak operation. Trust a representative with the fastest shipping times in the country for your OEM Nortec commercial valve replacements.

Find Nortec Valves on Affiliated Parts

Your search for OEM replacement parts for commercial HVAC equipment ends at Affiliated Parts. To receive a quote, call or text us at 877-928-2787 or email us at parts@affiliatedparts.com.

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  1. 1109175
  2. 2574136
    2574136 SP Dual Fill Valve, 3.3+3.3L/min, NH-EL
  3. 2584826
    2584826 SP Tank Base 30-180lb/hr RS
  4. 2574149
    2574149 SP Contactor, 30 amp 3Ph
  5. 1113772
    1113772 LARGE TANK 280 MK5/NHDI
  6. 1114768
  7. 1115829
    1115829 Inlet valve 0.5l 200-230V CP2
  8. 1321220
  9. 1323091
    1323091 SWITCH INTERLOCK 6A-250V
  10. 1324264
    1324264 SP Super Plug, Black, 56", NH 100-200
  11. 1324265
    1324265 SP Super Plug, Yellow, 56", NH 100-200
  12. 1324266
    1324266 SP Super Plug, Red, 72", NH 100-200
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