Factory Authorized Rep

AAON Tech Support: 918-382-6450
AbsolutAire Tech Support: 800-804-4000
Armstrong Humidifier Tech Support: 269-279-3399
Belimo Tech Support: 800-543-9038
Dectron Tech Support: 1-833-327-7665
FHP Tech Support: 866-642-3198
Grundfos Tech Support: 913-227-3400
IEC Tech Support: 405-605-5000
Intellihot Tech Support: 877-835-1705
PECO Tech Support: 503-387-6410
AAON Controls/Wattmaster
Tech Support: 866-918-1100

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Creating an Account

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To open a Net 30 Day account please call our sales team. (1-2 months of purchase history with credit card is required before opening a Net 30 Day account)

If you qualify for a full Net 30 account with Affiliated Parts, verification could take several days. Discounts and credits cannot be given for pre-account web orders once a full account is opened.


Orders without an Account

Web orders without an Affiliated Parts account must be paid with a credit card. Credit card orders will not be shipped if there are insufficient funds on the credit card to cover the order and actual shipping charges at the time of shipping. An attempt to contact you will be made if there are problems with your credit card.