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The Importance of OEM HVAC Parts

The Importance of OEM HVAC Parts

Trying to save customers money when servicing commercial HVAC systems can be difficult. After all, there are only two significant variables to control: the cost of replacement components and the cost of labor. When performing repairs and maintenance, it can be tempting to consider aftermarket options that aren't direct from the manufacturer. However, there are several key reasons to consider the importance of using OEM HVAC parts.

Fit and Performance

The amount of technological advancement in commercial HVAC even in recent years is highlighted, in part, by the increasingly stringent efficiency standards that manufacturers must face. Older models still rely on the parts that the system maker incorporated into their design in order to provide the desired airflow, refrigerant movement, or other metrics of performance.

Aftermarket parts may look, on visual inspection, similar to their OEM counterparts. Still, with smaller tolerances in systems by the day, this may not be enough to ensure that the system will meet required standards.

In addition, technicians are responsible for wiring, mounting, and testing the HVAC system. It can be maddening, and costly, to find that a part that purportedly was compatible with a customer's HVAC system is off by even a fraction of an inch for fit or that the wiring harness for the new controller has left the whole system a blinking mess of faults. OEM HVAC parts provide peace of mind that they will install as like-for-like replacements, saving time and hassle for technicians.

Maintaining Warranties and Expected Lifetime

All commercial HVAC manufacturers provide significant warranties based on the use of components that have been comprehensively tested. However, none of these express guarantees remain if service technicians use aftermarket parts. 

This presents two separate costs for the servicing company: the cost of any potential liability in case the system fails because of unauthorized components and the cost and labor of replacement for any failed parts within the system.

This dovetails with the other benefit of using OEM HVAC parts: expected lifetimes compared to the rest of the system. With the hundreds of hours of testing and thousands of hours of simulations run by manufacturers, they can ensure that the parts they include in their system will last for as long as others. Therefore, if there is an unexpected failure, the customer is likely to appreciate that they will be able to follow their original maintenance and physical plant budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions About OEM HVAC Parts

What if the repair is time-sensitive?

Finding a trusted supplier of OEM HVAC parts is crucial. If you are worried about access to components you are likely to need, find one that offers short lead times and rapid shipping.

What about parts that are out of stock?

If parts are out of stock, it may signify that the system is old enough that more repairs may not make sense.

Don't OEM HVAC parts cost more?

Usually, there is a small premium compared to aftermarket parts. However, when you buy OEM, you ensure that your customer's warranty is maintained and save yourself time ensuring that the part will actually fit the first time, every time.

What if I'm unsure of the warranty coverage?

There's a cost-benefit analysis to purchasing parts, but it's important to remember that even when a system may be out of warranty coverage, OEM parts will still be tested for long-term use. The cost of a follow-up service call that a technician cannot bill to the customer may not be worth it.

Partner with a Trusted Source for OEM HVAC Parts

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