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York HVAC Parts and Packaged System Components

If you work with commercial HVAC systems, you know it is important to have a reliable system that meets your needs. At Affiliated Parts, we focus on providing sales, service, and support for manufacturers you can trust. If you need any pieces for upgrades, repairs, or retrofits, rely on our wide selection of York HVAC parts.

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Blower Wheels

Blower wheels help move air over the air conditioner coil and a heat exchanger when it is included in HVAC systems to keep both of those components from overheating. They can become dirty, dusty, or warped over time and significantly impact efficiency.

Find York Blower Wheels on Affiliated Parts 


Electronic control boards translate user instructions into commands for increasingly complex furnaces and air conditioning systems. If, for some reason you need to replace yours, we offer a full range of York parts to ensure that the commercial system you’re working on can respond to thermostat commands.

Find York Boards on Affiliated Parts


Compressors are the heart of any HVAC system. If you need to replace or upgrade one, be sure to choose components from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We offer a full line of compressors used in York custom air systems, ductless and variable refrigerant flow air conditioners, and more. All come ready to install directly into their corresponding unit.

Find York Compressors on Affiliated Parts


Small, but mighty, contactors help tell York HVAC systems whether to turn on a heat pump compressor or air conditioning condenser, depending on signals from a relay that is governed by a thermostat. When you’re trying to identify an electrical issue in a complex HVAC system, contactors are a critical part of the chain.

Find York Contactors on Affiliated Parts

Fan Blades

Affiliated Parts carries fan blades for York HVAC systems in a variety of blade and bore sizes. No matter which system you’re repairing or updating, we have the replacements that you need, whether the existing York HVAC parts have developed pitting or other issues as a result of operation.

Find York Fan Blades on Affiliated Parts


Filter-driers, colloquially called “strainers”, help maintain the purity of the refrigerant as it cycles through a commercial HVAC system. Affiliated Parts offers both the liquid-line and suction-line variants, depending on your application. They are critical to maintaining maximum efficiency and air purity in the case of compressor failure.

Find York Filter-Driers on Affiliated Parts

Flame Sensors

Bearing the brunt of a furnace’s operation are flame sensors, designed to detect when a fire is present to ensure gas isn’t flowing into a nonfunctional HVAC unit. The sensors frequently get dirty and corroded due to their constant exposure to fire, meaning these crucial parts require frequent replacement. We offer flame sensors as part of our full complement of York HVAC parts.

Find York Flame Sensors on Affiliated Parts

Gas Valves

A malfunctioning gas valve is a York HVAC part that is essential to be replaced, thanks to its location between the fuel supply and the system itself. We carry a variety of replacement valves, including natural gas and liquid propane. We also offer liquid propane conversion kits for quick switchovers in updated units.

Find York Gas Valves on Affiliated Parts


Most HVAC systems now use electronically controlled spark ignition systems due to the increased control it provides over furnaces. However, whether you have a standing pilot or a controlled spark system, we have the York ignition parts and kits that you need for repairs and upgrades.

Find York Ignition Components on Affiliated Parts

Inducer Parts

Inducers help prepare things for the rest of a furnace. Keeping them operating properly is crucial. Not only do they help provide enough air for the burners to continue to function, they also clear out any excess combustion gases. If you need York HVAC parts like inducers or their components, be sure you work with a trusted supplier.

Find York Inducer Parts on Affiliated Parts


Affiliated Parts offers a full complement of fan limit switches for repairs near the air supply chambers of York furnace and HVAC systems. These ensure that the furnace blower does not turn on until the furnace has reached the ideal temperature. They are also used to turn off the burners if the heat exchanger exceeds maximum safe operating temperatures.

Find York Limit Switch Components on Affiliated Parts

Pressure Switches

There are several types of pressure switches, depending on the design of your system, but all are available from our York HVAC parts selection. Whether you need one near the draft-inducing sensor or to protect against low refrigerant pressure, Affiliated Parts has you covered when it comes to replacement pressure switches for York’s commercial heat and air conditioning systems.

Find York Pressure Switches on Affiliated Parts


Relays help increase the electrical impulse from a control like a thermostat to the powerful internal components of a fan, compressor, and furnace. Relays act as switches and are the critical last stage in the electrical control system.

Find York Relays on Affiliated Parts


Thermostats are the part of a commercial HVAC system that are most exposed to wear and tear from usage and facility occupants. They are also critical in ensuring that facilities comply with American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers standards by providing consistent instructions for a system’s furnace, condenser, and air handling units. You can get replacements for various York systems from a trusted distributor here.

Find York Thermostats on Affiliated Parts

TXV Parts

The thermostatic expansion valve is complex for such a small component: it must respond to both heat and pressure to properly adjust the rate of flow of liquid refrigerant. Due to the small tolerances required for each component in the valve, any bit of damage can cause major system issues. Affiliated Parts offers a full range of TXV parts to ensure you can keep this critical component functioning.

Find York TXV Parts on Affiliated Parts

Your search for OEM replacement parts for commercial HVAC equipment ends at Affiliated Parts. To get a quote, call or text us at 877-928-2787 or email us at parts@affiliatedparts.com.

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  1. SPR0006
    S1-02551839000 Sensor Enthalpy C7400A2001/U
  2. S1-02632577000
    S1-02632577000 FAN,PROP,30",CW,3-32,5/8"BORE
  3. SPR0006
  4. S1-6293267
    S1-6293267 Controller VFD Programed 5.25HP 6.7A
  5. S1-02639532000
    S1-02639532000 Blw Assem Venter
  6. S1-32436079553
    S1-32436079553 MODULE,CNTRL,PRGM,1/2,PRM ECM,REGAL
  7. S1-02435282000
    S1-02435282000 Switch Pres Air -0.40/-0.90 On Fall Spno
  8. S1-90-113
  9. SPR0006
    S1-02814805000 SHEAVE,VARIABLE 1 GRV,1.375" BORE,1VP71
  10. SPR0006
  11. SPR0006
    S1-B62 Belt Drive B62
  12. SPR0006
    S1-02551828000 Igniter spark gas without wire
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